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Welcome to the Crion Stories, where adventure awaits at every turn! At Crion, we believe in embracing the wild, the wonderful, and the undiscovered paths that nature has to offer. We're not just about outdoor experiences; we're about connecting people to places, creating memories, and fostering a community of outdoor enthusiasts who thrive on exploration and adventure. Whether you're a seasoned trailblazer or just beginning your journey into the great outdoors, our blog is here to inspire, guide, and equip you with the knowledge you need. From hiking guides to expert tips on skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and more, our articles are crafted to ignite your wanderlust and help you make the most of your outdoor pursuits. So lace up your boots, grab your gear, and let's start exploring together! 🏞️ 🚵 🧗

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Person hiking in Gastlosen mountains, Saanen, Switzerland with helmet and gear

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Person resting with a backpack by a lake in Canmore, Alberta, with snowy Mount Rundle, a glacier, and evergreen forest in the background

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View of the UNESCO heritage Odle mountain peaks in Funes, Tirol, with green fields, fir trees, and pristine nature

Crion Playbook: Platform Proficiency

Tips, tricks, and insights for providers and travelers to navigate, optimize, and thrive on the Crion platform

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Climber scaling an icy mountain in the Alps, captured in monochrome, highlighting the cold winter adventure

Crion Chronicles: Adventures with Purpose

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Articles from the Stories

Group of hikers in Switzerland, camped in a lush green valley with colorful flowers, surrounded by majestic mountains under a cloud-streaked summer sky. People with backpacks capture the breathtaking nature scenery using photography tools

Beginner's Guide to Hiking

Hiking is more than just a pastime—it's a call to adventure, an invitation from nature itself. For many, it's a therapeutic journey, both mentally and physically. Let's embark on understanding this age-old practice

Two brothers, bound by their love for adventure, climbing a cold, icy glacier in Italy. Using ropes and safety gear, they ascend extreme mountain trails under the sun, demonstrating alpinism skills and having fun. Recreational sporting activity amidst extreme conditions

Beginner's Guide to Mountaineering

For those drawn to the allure of towering peaks and uncharted terrains, mountaineering presents an unparalleled adventure. It's more than just reaching a summit; it's about the journey, the challenge, and the exhilaration of conquering the formidable forces of nature

Scenic view of Valle D'Aosta in Italy: towering peaks of the mountain range, including the majestic Cervino, stand tall over a verdant meadow. Pine trees, including abies, dot the landscape, with a pristine blue lake reflecting the azure sky. Sunlight glistens on icy glaciers and snowy slopes, offering a vibrant contrast to the green vegetation all around

Beyond Mont Blanc: The Hidden Treasures of Aosta Valley

Tucked away in the northwestern corner of Italy, the Aosta Valley is an Alpine gem awaiting discovery

helly hansen logo

Helly Hansen partners with Crion

In an exciting development for the outdoor and adventure community, Crion, the start-up platform connecting outdoor enthusiasts to local guides, has opened a collaboration with Helly Hansen, the globally renowned outdoor apparel brand

toko logo

Toko Collaborates with Crion

In a significant stride for the ski and mountain adventure world, Crion, the promising start-up bridging the gap between local guides and outdoor adventurers, has forged a partnership with Toko, the international leader in ski waxes, tools, and care products

A mountain biker taking on the challenging trails at the Balmereghorn in Switzerland. Dressed in appropriate cycling clothing and helmet, the cyclist navigates steep slopes with the backdrop of the majestic Alps. A display of human endurance and Transalp adventure, embodying the spirit of MTB in the heart of La Suisse, surrounded by pristine mountain vistas

Beginner's Guide to Mountain Biking

For thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts, mountain biking offers an unparalleled avenue to forge a deep connection with the great outdoors. As you embark on this exhilarating journey, the majestic landscapes of the Alps, the rugged trails of the Pyrenees, or the pristine environments of the Scandinavian regions await to unveil their secrets

A panoramic vista in the pristine Goms region of Switzerland, capturing the raw beauty of Binntal. The landscape showcases steep, undulating terrains, which harmoniously merge into the majestic mountain ranges in the backdrop. This outdoor scene vividly brings to life a harmonious blend of untouched countryside and high plateaus, epitomizing Switzerland's breathtaking natural beauty

Binntal: Switzerland’s Hidden Mountain Treasure

Nestled amidst the captivating landscape of the Swiss Alps lies a little-known paradise that offers a tranquil retreat for adventurers and nature lovers alike - the enchanting Binntal, also known as the Binn Valley