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Terms and Conditions

Read carefully and agree to this Terms and Conditions (T&C) before using the Crion platform on www.crion.org, www.crion.ch or via mobile application

Providers should understand how laws and regulations work in their respective country​,​ region and resort before creating their profile.


Welcome to www.crion.org​,​ www.crion.ch (the “Site”) and Crion mobile application (the “App”) with which we offer to users and visitors (“Users”) and service providers (“Providers”) (collectively “You”) an online website and mobile application that allows the presentation and arrangement of sports and leisure activities and related services. Crion Sagl is a LLC Swiss company based in Via al Chioso 15​,​ 6900 Lugano (Switzerland)​,​ under the brand name Crion (“Us” or “We” or “site” or “our Company”).

Crion Sagl is not a contracting party for booked activities and services. In fact​,​ Crion enables Users to directly request and conclude booking transactions with Providers (collectively the “Services”).

Legal Agreement

Please note these terms of service regulate the usage of the Site and the App and related technologies between Us and You​,​ whether or not you become a registered user. Read carefully these terms of service before using the Site and​/​or App. The usage of the Site and​/​or App involves the acknowledgment to have read and understood the T&C and You agree to be accordingly bound. If you do not agree with these terms​,​ please do not use the Site or App.

Crion reserves the right to modify the T&C without notice when said modifications become necessary due to changes in market conditions and​/​or changes in rules and regulations. If you are a registered user and in case of major changes​,​ it’s our duty to inform you whenever such changes occur and you may delete your account within seven (7) days. Failing in deleting your account within this period results in your acceptance of the new conditions. The usage of the site after the publishing of such changes​,​ imply the acceptance of the new T&C.

Please note that the legal contract for the Services and booking transactions is between Users and Providers. Crion is outside the scope of influence of this transaction. There may be situations in which you are required to accept additional terms and conditions provided by Providers. Any such terms will be in addition to these T&C.

By accepting these T&C​,​ you agree to certain disclosures of Your personal information to Us and other Users and Providers as described in our Privacy Policy​,​ which is an integral part of these T&C.

In case of discrepancies between the English version and other languages of these T&C​,​ the English version shall prevail.

If you wish to take full advantage of the Services and be constantly informed about travel news​,​ travel offers​,​ as well as use our search engine to search​,​ book and purchase services while comparing the activities and prices of different Providers​,​ it’s necessary that you register​,​ entering your full and accurate personal information.

Please take into account that the access and use of the Site an App free functionalities requires the acceptance of these T&C.

Role of Crion

The user acknowledges and agrees that Crion allows You to request and conclude booking transactions with respect to activities and related services listed on the Site. Crion is not itself a party to any booking transaction and disclaims all liability arising from or related to any such transactions to the fullest extent permitted by law. We do not directly or indirectly purchase​,​ sell​,​ provide​,​ control or manage nor can we contract in our own name for the provision of any activity listed on the Site nor related services including​,​ but not limited to​,​ travel services​,​ accommodation​,​ equipment rental. We cannot supply such services.

Crion’s role is solely to provide on-line technologies (Site and App) to You and to provide related services such as but not limited to: courses about how to use Crion correctly​,​ how to market online​,​ etc.

We are not obliged to control that Providers have all local qualification or local authorization to provide such services​,​ therefore Crion cannot be held liable.

Intellectual Properties

Intellectual properties rights refer to Crion website and App but exclude the Content published by users (“Your Content”).

The Site and App and all the graphic elements​,​ images​,​ text​,​ advertisement information uploaded (“Content”) are Crion properties or​/​and licensed to our Company.

The copyrights and all the other rights of intellectual properties on the Content are exclusive properties of our Company or courtesy of license. You can visualize our Site and App on the screens of computers (or other devices) and print the Content solely for personal use and not for commercial usage.

In the lack of written authorization from our side​,​ it’s strictly prohibited to use​,​ transfer​,​ copy or replicate whichever portion of the Content​,​ our Site and its HTML source​,​ entirely or partially​,​ in every way and on whatever method​,​ electronic​,​ mechanical or another type​,​ rather than for the exclusive visualization of the Content. This includes the electronic duplicate by upload or download.

You declare to be legally authorized to consult our Site and App in your own jurisdiction. You are the only one responsible for honoring all the laws of their jurisdiction in visualizing or using the Content.


You consent to all materials (“Your Content”) such as but not limited to: reviews​,​ communication messages​,​ photos​,​ etc. uploaded​,​ posted on or transmitted through the site are the sole responsibility of the person creating such content. You are solely responsible for Your Content that is uploaded​,​ posted or transmitted via Crion. We reserve the right to take any action with respect to Your Content if we believe that it may create any damages for Us. Crion is authorized to check and store the communication data sent through the Site and​/​or the App

You confirm that Your Content is truthful and accurate​,​ doesn’t contain any malicious programs or software that may cause damages to the system and doesn’t infringe any regulation or law such as but not limited to: patent​,​ trade secret​,​ trademark​,​ copyright​,​ right of privacy​,​ etc.

Crion has no obligation to post any content from You. We reserve the right to remove or delete any Content. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or economic loss as a result of publishing or not publishing Your content.

Usage of the website

If You get a request to provide information related to our site​,​ You are obligated to provide truthful​,​ accurate​,​ updated and complete data. You are not obligated to provide discretionary information if requested.

You commit not to perform the following activities:

  • To give false identity or use false credentials or credentials without the necessary authorization​,​ create a false identity​,​ or false origin or false e-mail address​,​ attempt to mislead our company or other persons in regard to personal identity or communication​,​ supply unreliable or false addresses.
  • To modify or make public memorized data on a computer or similar devices where users enter through our network in the following cases: the owner of the computer’s data (or similar devices) adopted measures to prevent the access or explicitly denied the approval to such access of data.
  • To upload or make public files that would contain software or similar material​,​ data or information of third-party properties or not possessing a proper license​,​ gather information of a third-party (i.e.: names & addresses) without the appropriate consent.
  • To damage​,​ interfere or interrupt the access to our Site or App or conduct potential malicious activity for the correct functioning of the Site or App.
  • To use the Site and App for sending unwanted e-mail messages (for a commercial purpose of any kind)​,​ any marketing material or commercial or perform any activity of this kind.
  • To publish​,​ distribute​,​ divulge or transmit in any way information or libelous​,​ offensive​,​ illegal​,​ obscene materials.
  • To make available​,​ upload or distribute materials in any way or file that would contain viruses​,​ errors​,​ damaged data​,​ Trojan​,​ worms or any kind of malicious software.
  • To falsify the real property of the software or any other materials or information restrained in a file and making it available through our site.
  • To obtain or attempt to obtain in any way possible unauthorized access to our site.

Illegal usage

Under no circumstances​,​ You are to use our site for any illegal purpose. Users agree to refund our company and its operators and our licensors for any loss as a direct or indirect result of the missed observance of such a commitment.


You accept to use our site at your own risk.

Except if differently specified​,​ we decline all responsibility for the information on our site. We do not give any guarantee about timing and accuracy or availability on our site. All the information provided are subject to our privacy policy (included in this T&C)​,​ which should be consulted before entering such information.

We build the site trying to keep all the information as updated and accurate as possible. However​,​ we cannot guarantee that they will always be updated​,​ and we decline all responsibility for the trust placed on the public information posted on our site. We do not grant declarations or guarantees of any kind about the suitability​,​ promptness or accuracy of posted information on our site.

We do not take responsibility for any potential damage​,​ included​,​ but not limited to: damages result of the loss of data​,​ profit originates from the usage and performance of our site; for the loss of supply of our services or any information obtained from our site​,​ even if advised of potential damages.

In case You are not satisfied with any of this section or some usage terms specifically described here​,​ we suggest interrupting the usage of our site.

We reserve the right of removing any sort of information or material from our site​,​ with no notification and with no prejudice for any other right matured​,​ and​/​or makes this information or material available if required by law or authority accountable for the application of the law.

We are not in any way responsible for potential damages between Users and Providers.

Subscribing to our site​,​ You accept that any dispute linked with other Users or Providers are limited only and exclusively to specific Users or Providers that may have caused the damage. As a consequence​,​ Crion is excluded from any sort of responsibility permitted by law.

User registration

Upon registering and creating an account on the Site or App (the “Account”)​,​ You have access to Crion functionalities.

Once the account is created​,​ You allow Us to contact You on Your email address or phone number for communications related to Your Account​,​ including but not limited to: requests for booking​,​ notices​,​ and updates. You further agree to keep Your contact information (as described in the Privacy policy) updated.

If you decide to delete your account​,​ all data will be permanently deleted from the Site and App.

Should You have knowledge of any unauthorized use of his authentication credentials and/or any other violations of their confidentiality, You promptly communicate to Us of such unauthorized use and/or violation, reporting abuse of any kind to help@crion.org

Provider registration

Registered Providers can offer and supply to Users their Services. Registered Providers can be but not limited to: Ski Schools​,​ Ski Instructors​,​ Snowboard Instructors​,​ Mountain Guides​,​ Mountain Bike Guides​,​ Tourist Guides​,​ Sports Associations​,​ mountain activity providers​,​ etc. Whoever creates the accounts within its credentials it’s recognized as the administrator of the account. We reserve the right to decline the creation of an account or using the Site and App. You might be required to upload additional documents to prove your qualifications.

By registering​,​ you confirm that:

  • are eligible to register as a Provider in accordance with this T&C​,​ and that the data you provide is accurate and correct;
  • are at least eighteen (18) years old;
  • are authorized by law to enter in contractual agreement for the services you offer on the Site and App;
  • are responsible to pay all applicable taxes and costs to use the Site and App;
  • your account is private and cannot be shared or transferred to others;
  • have proper qualification and you must respect all local regulations and laws in regards to your Services.

Should the Provider have knowledge of any unauthorized use of his authentication credentials and/or any other violations of their confidentiality, the Provider undertakes to promptly communicate to Us knowledge of such unauthorized use and/or violation, reporting abuse of any kind to help@crion.org

Provider’s experiences and payments

After creating the experiences​,​ We make it publicly available on the Site​,​ App or other suitable channels such as but not limited: social media outlets​,​ local newspaper​,​ magazines​,​ etc. Once public​,​ Users can request to book it. Providers are solely responsible for entering the experience information (e.g. price​,​ location​,​ description​,​ etc.).

We’ll assist You and support You to successfully create and sell unique experiences tailored to your skills and passions.

As a Provider​,​ you are responsible for honoring the confirmed experiences as described in your Services.

We’ll transfer the amount to the Provider​,​ deducting the commissions and applicable VAT and we’ll send you the electronic invoice to your registered email address.

Bookings​,​ cancellations and commissions

Users can send booking requests through the Site or App by following the processes described on the site. After inserting the payment information and submitting the booking request​,​ the Provider is automatically notified. Providers can either confirm​,​ propose a new arrangement or reject the booking request within 24 hours. If the Provider fails to answer within 24 hours​,​ the request expires and We reserve the rights to reallocate the request to another Provider. Once the booking request is accepted the contract between the User and the Provider is concluded and the transaction takes place. The User will receive a final confirmation via email. If the Provider rejects the booking request​,​ there will be no charges.

We don’t directly manage the payment process (and all the details related to such a transaction). Payments via Crion are handled by a professional external payment provider. (Stripe).

In the case that Users want to change or cancel their booking, such Users need to follow the steps described in the HELP section. Have a look at the HELP section for details on cancellation policies and applicable cancellation fees. Providers may not cancel bookings. If a Provider has no choice but to cancel, he needs to contact Us immediately at help@crion.org.The Provider should offer a suitable and similar alternative of equal or higher quality.

In order to run and improve the Site and App and to guarantee high quality services​,​ we apply a 10% fee to Users on final prices. This is already shown on the final price of the Services. For Providers​,​ we apply a 10% fee. These fees are exclusive applicable VAT.

Limitation of Liability

You agree​,​ by using the Site and App​,​ that any legal actions​,​ risks or liability that you seek to obtain from Providers or Users or third parties will be limited to a claim against this particular subject who caused you the damages and you exclude Us to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.


We reserve the right to modify​,​ interrupt at any moment​,​ temporarily or permanently​,​ the access or the usage of our Site to You without notice.

Antivirus protection and compatibility

Although we adopted measures to detect a virus and guarantee the site’s protection​,​ we do not guarantee that the site will be completely virus free and 100% secure. We decline any sort of responsibility for any potential loss or damage consequently the presence of a virus or the infringement of security measures. We do not disclose any warranty on compatibility of the Site with the User’s technology (software and hardware).

Third-party external sites

The Site and App may contain external links managed by third-party. Such external links are intended to enrich the navigation experience and to address the User toward different external sites from ours. We decline all responsibility in relation to external links. The addition of external links managed by third-party doesn’t imply the approval of the content of these external sites and their operators. It’s not permitted to set up a hypertext link without a written authorization from Us​,​ that could only be granted toward our home page. The publication of a hypertext link and​/​or another Internet resource on the Website does not imply any kind of commercial association and​/​or affiliation between Us and the administrators of the linked websites.


We reserve the right of limiting the access and​/​or removing your data from our database with no consequences and without previous notice in the following cases:

  • in the presence of a legal modification or regulation that limits the possibility of access to the Site and App.
  • in the case of an event beyond our control that limits the access to our site (i.e.: technical difficulties​,​ communication error and so on).
  • in case We consider​,​ at our total discretion​,​ improper usage or violations of this T&C by You.


You agree to release​,​ defend​,​ indemnify Crion and its affiliates and subsidiaries​,​ and their officers​,​ directors​,​ employees and agents​,​ harmless from and against any claims​,​ liabilities​,​ damages​,​ losses​,​ and expenses​,​ including​,​ without limitation​,​ reasonable legal and accounting fees​,​ arising out of or in any way connected with:

  • your access to or use of the Site or your violation of these T&C;
  • your Content;
  • your interaction with Users or Providers;
  • bookings​,​ or creation of the Profile;
  • the utilization of Services by You​,​ including but not limited to any injuries​,​ losses​,​ or damages (compensatory​,​ direct​,​ incidental​,​ consequential or otherwise) of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of use of such Services.

Applicable law & court of jurisdiction

The T&C and the relationship between You and Us are governed​,​ in the measure allowed by applicable regulations​,​ by Swiss law. Regarding what is allowable by applicable regulations and international agreements​,​ the parties agree that the resolution of any dispute that could arise between them according to the T&C​,​ the relationship created between them will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of ordinary courts in Switzerland.