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Wanderbar Markus Leonhartsberger
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Hello, I am Wanderbar Markus Leonhartsberger!

Member since 2023.
Mountain hiking
Winter hiking
Cultural walking


Linz, Upper Austria, Austria
St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, Upper Austria, Austria
Bad Aussee, Styria, Austria
Attersee am Attersee, Upper Austria, Austria
Weyregg am Attersee, Upper Austria, Austria
Bad Leonfelden, Upper Austria, Austria
Sankt Gilgen, Salzburg, Austria
Gmunden, Upper Austria, Austria
Bad Ischl, Upper Austria, Austria
Mondsee, Upper Austria, Austria
Hinterstoder, Upper Austria, Austria
Windischgarsten, Upper Austria, Austria
Spital am Pyhrn, Upper Austria, Austria
Molln, Upper Austria, Austria
Reichraming, Upper Austria, Austria
Großraming, Upper Austria, Austria
Gmünd, Lower Austria, Austria
Rappottenstein, Lower Austria, Austria
Ottenschlag, Lower Austria, Austria
Melk, Lower Austria, Austria
Spitz, Lower Austria, Austria
Dürnstein, Lower Austria, Austria
Groß Gerungs, Lower Austria, Austria
Mariazell, Styria, Austria
Český Krumlov, South Bohemian, Czech Republic
Lipno nad Vltavou, South Bohemian, Czech Republic
Freistadt, Upper Austria, Austria
Nové Hrady, South Bohemian, Czech Republic


I was born in Lower Austria, Austria and grew up in a village in the countryside. When i was young i spent most of the time outdoors, in the garden, walking on meadows and through forests. What really shaped me was the view from the village across the wide landscape to the Alps in Lower and Upper Austria. Being able to see the big picture in matters is a skill I have acquired along the way. And that view to the Alps also formed me, as mountains seemed to be big and tall and "strong". Although i like nature a lot, it took many years untill i had the idea to become a hiking guide. Now, i hike in alpine and non-alpine areas and mountains and the weather in there are still impressive and big. I am able to cope with it, but nature is nature and incredibly strong.


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