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What can I find

From ski lessons to hiking tours and climbing adventures, a lot of activities are available on Crion! The activities are provided directly by local people that decided to post a listing on Crion, and we make the connection possible! You will be interacting with them, starting by browsing and filtering activities based on your interests, then booking and paying easily online, while we make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently thanks to our innovative scheduling and messaging system and secured payments support. Discover the convenience of easily finding what you are looking for in one platform and complete your booking just in a few simple steps while comfortably at home on your desktop, or on the road on your tablet and smartphone. Get additional insurance coverage when booking a paid activity at no additional cost, and keep pace of mind after the booking is confirmed with a solid cancellation and refund policy. By the way, we leverage Stripe ultimate payment technology, SSL secured, so you are sure at any time that your payment details are well protected and not stored by Crion itself. Go back to our home page now, and start the journey to become a Crioneer!

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