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After an activity ends​,​ travelers and providers have 30 days to leave a public review. Keep in mind​,​ travelers can still write reviews even if they’re late​,​ they leave early or they didn’t attend for any reason. Our community relies on honesty and transparency. We’ll remove any reviews that violate our Review Policy.

The best reviews are those that provide useful information to other users. Think about what you’d want to know before booking an activity or providing one. Highlight things like:

  • Your interactions: were they pleasant and respectful?
  • Anything that made the activity special​,​ eg.: places​,​ local touches​,​ convenience
  • Practical info: Was the provider helpful and available? Were you thrilled with the activity? Was the listing accurate? Was the provider professional?

In addition to written reviews​,​ “mountains” ratings is a quick way for you to give feedback. You can rate your experience from 1 to 5 mountains​,​ 5 being the best! Once you get your first reviews​,​ an aggregate of their primary scores is shown near the listing’s title in search results and on the listing itself. You can browse reviews also in your profile to see both the reviews you received and the ones you gave.

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