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What can I post?

From ski lessons to hiking tours and climbing adventures​,​ everything is manageable on Crion! You can register and post it for free​,​ and we make the connection with travelers around the globe possible! Try now adding your first activity in a few simple steps that go a long way providing all the tools that you need to describe​,​ manage your schedule and pricing. We make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently thanks to our innovative scheduling​,​ pricing​,​ and messaging system as well as secured payments support. Discover the convenience of receiving reservations online all in one place​,​ after you verify your account and manage your offering comfortably at home on your desktop​,​ or on the road on your tablet and smartphone. Get paid directly to your bank account soon after the activity has been completed and keep peace of mind with a solid cancellation and refund policy in case things do not go as planned. By the way​,​ we leverage Stripe ultimate payment technology​,​ SSL secured​,​ so you are sure at any time that your payment details are well protected and not stored by Crion itself.

It’s a win-win. You can earn money while sharing your hobby​,​ skills​,​ or expertise with the community. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with thousands of travelers searching for unique experiences they might not find through more traditional channels. You can list activities in the 4 main categories of: lesson​,​ tour​,​ experience​,​ and free sharing (read more on the activity article). See which one is eligible to you in the following section on provider types.

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