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Congrats! You’ve earned it (literally). Now​,​ when will you get it? Here’s important info on all things payment​,​ and how to make sure you get paid the way you want to.

When you first become a provider, you’ll need to make sure you have a bank account connected. It might take a few steps to get fully set up, so we recommend doing it as soon as possible. The account currency will be taken into account when you post listing and will also be the payout default currency. Check out how to add a bank account and get verified.

Once you are all set​,​ you will get paid after a booking has been completed. We will release the payment 72 hours after the end of the activity if no complaints are raised by the customers. The time it takes for the funds to arrive in your account depends on your bank account connected and any bank holidays or weekends.

The amount paid out is deducted of our platform fee except agreed otherwise. Remember to take this into account when setting your activity price. Also​,​ other factors such as additional persons​,​ children discount​,​ sessions discount​,​ seasonality could affect the final price of activity​,​ so take this into account when checking your earnings.

In case of your Cancellation you may incur in potential fines if the cause is not exempt. Fines will be deducted from your current or future payouts. In case of client cancellation, depending on the cancellation policy that you have set, you may still receive a total or partial payout even if you do not complete the activity.

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